250mg CBD Tincture (Daily CBD)


The full-spectrum CBD oil delivers cannabinoids to the user through a quality product, which can improve one’s overall well-being with just a small dose every day. – $25 Each

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This CBD tincture contains 250mg of CBD within a 30ml dropper bottle. This CBD tincture contains Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil and Natural Terpene Extracts. The many benefits of CBD, such as anti-inflammatory properties can be reaped even in small doses of this high quality CBD product. Daily CBD uses only high quality cannabis plants to create all of their non-gmo, vegan and cruelty free FDA approved hemp seed oil.

Regardless of the serving size, the benefits of CBD will promote one’s health and well-being with this full spectrum CBD tincture. CBD oil can be used for a range of treatments, with anti-inflammatory cannabinoids and sleep-promoting properties of full spectrum hemp. Users can enjoy the effects of CBD oil on one’s well-being, while avoiding the side effects of other medications.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil and Natural Terpene Extracts.

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